Innovative Technology

What is the AD-Booster doing:

Anaerobic digestion typically converts only 40% to 50% of the biomass feed material to biogas. The AD Booster process treats the non-digestible fiber fraction with the patented AWOEx technology to increase the digestibility of the fibers. With this technology the overall conversion of the raw material increases to over 70%.

AWOEx Technology

AWOEx is the patented fiber treatment technology developed by CleanVantage LLC for breaking down lignocellulosic biomass materials. The technology has been licensed to BioVantage for exclusive use in Europe in all applications related to biogas production including the AD-Booster process. AWOEx stands for Advanced Wet Oxidation & Explosion, a combination of wet oxidation and steam explosion that disrupts the structure of the biomass, making it far more available for subsequent conversion to higher value products. With this technology, lignocellulosic feedstocks are unlocked, resulting in high yields of desired products in downstream hydrolysis and fermentation process steps.

The AWOEx fiber treatment technology has major competitive advantages compared to alternative technologies:
– Feedstock agnostic, i.e., it is effective for all biomass types
– No added chemicals, resulting in lower capital and operating costs and giving product streams free from contaminating chemicals.
– Easily digestible product ready for further fermentation or processing.
– Continuous process based on a proven components with high durability.
– High energy efficiency minimizing steam consumption by recovering most of the input energy during preheating of the incoming feed material.
– Fully developed through years of full-scale operations with proven stable outcome